As a student, I felt inspired by my high school art teacher; she was an educator and artist and did both with passion. She lived the dream I had been told so often would be impossible to do – to be able to pay the bills and make art. When I told her I wanted to be an artist, too, she believed in me like no one else. She helped develop my skills through exposing me to museums and workshops and she expanded my understanding of what art could be.

As an artist, I am driven to create work that creates connections and community. My personal style of art strives to tell stories. When working on commissioned portraits, I endeavor to tell the experience of the individual I am photographing; when working on fine art, my goal is to communicate about the overall human experience and the universal emotions that connect each of us soul-to-soul. My work is influenced equally by contemporary artists Sue Bryce and Brooke Shaden. In the photographic field, both are admired for their fine art and educational abilities and are my professional role models.

As a professional of art and education, my ambition is to inspire my students in their artistic efforts by continuing to create fine artwork, submitting my work into galleries and exhibitions, and collaborating with other art professionals in the spirit of community. Education will encourage me to always try new techniques and inspire me to try new techniques with my students. By being an active member of the fine art community, I hope to pass on advice and experience to those students looking toward the art world for their own professional futures.